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Practical computer science

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From the 2019/20 academic year, the offer of education at the University of Gdańsk has been enriched with practical computer science studies. Studies are run by the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. The studies were created as part of the ROP project run by the Marshal's Office of the Pomeranian Voivodship and the official partner of this project is the IT company - Kainos. Classes will be held in a new building with modern infrastructure and equipment.


The program of new studies was created in close cooperation with employers of the IT industry. In addition, part of the classes will be conducted by experienced specialists from Tri-City companies.


As the official partner of the project, we want to give strong support to this initiative. It fits perfectly into the development plans of Kainos in Poland. That is why we participate in the preparation of part of the study program around cloud technologies and other modern IT solutions. Our employees will also lead some of the classes in this field - says Szczepan Sakowicz, Member of the Board of Kainos Polska.


The goal of practical computer science studies is to prepare graduates to work in the IT industry in roles related to software development, mainly as programmers. Graduates will be able to find work in numerous software development companies operating both in the country and abroad.


During the course of study, each student will take a 6-month professional practice. Agreements that the University has with Tri-City companies help students find a practice that matches their interests and profile.


Practical competences of a computer science graduate with a practical profile will focus on knowledge and practical skills related to software development. The graduate will be a comprehensively educated programmer, will know selected programming languages, protocols, tools, libraries, frameworks related to the production and testing of modern, industrial-grade web applications. At the same time, it will have a solid foundation in the field of algorithms, data structures, computational complexity and other mathematical concepts in computer science.


Information technology with a practical profile perfectly matches our needs and responds to the growing market demand - both locally in Pomerania and more broadly - in Europe. We will work closely with the University of Gdańsk on this important project. - says Witold Bołt from the Jit Team company.


Particular emphasis in the education process will be placed on group work in programming teams, as well as on aspects related to running an IT project. Specialists from companies will help to conduct items reported by these companies.


Among the competences of an IT student with a practical profile, there will also be modern or future concepts and technologies. The graduate will be able to use advanced solutions related to virtualization, containerization and other cloud technologies. He will also have knowledge and skills in the use of artificial intelligence tools. In the preparation and delivery of subjects from the above areas, the involvement of specialists from IT companies will be particularly visible.

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