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Consortium "Mathematics and Physics for Pomerania"

On the 16th December 2015 the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the University of Gdańsk and the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics of Gdańsk University of Technology will sign a contract creating a consortium called “Mathematics and Physics for Pomerania”.
The consortium is to provide assistance in the work of mixed research teams consisting of scientists from both universities and to make the partners' didactic offer more attractive. It is worth 
emphasising that both faculties are already jointly working on research projects. Both faculties are planning to create joint doctoral studies with a broad range of disciplines. Thanks to a wide variety of lectures offered by professors, both those working at the two universities and visitors from abroad, to the integrated programme supporting exchange of doctoral candidates with other scientific centres, as well as to the fact that writing of doctoral theses is jointly supervised by co­promoters, the doctoral studies are going to become more attractive. The consortium will extend not only the educational possibilities, but also the opportunities for obtaining grants for scientific research within the areas which are important for economy, such as sciences, nanotechnology or material engineering. It will also strengthen the position of both universities in Pomerania and in Poland. The consortium will be coordinating joint activities connected with raising funds for scientific, research and development, as well as investment projects, both from domestic and foreign sources. Furthermore, the consortium will elaborate procedures allowing for more effective use of research infrastructure of the two faculties for joint enterprises.
The consortium will also make it possible to promote and disseminate, in a better and more effective way, the results of scientific­research work conducted at both faculties.
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