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Scientific Groups at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

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2019, November 28 - 9:13am

ROBOMANIACS Scientific Group

President: Jakub Boncler

Supervisor of the Scientific Group:

website: http://robomaniacs.inf.ug.edu.pl/


The Scientific Circle ROBOMANIACS brings together all the students who wish to develop their programming skills. Here it is possible to test the skills acquired during classes in an easy and practical way, through programming with the use of ready-made libraries in a chosen language, e.g. C. We invite you to our meetings, which take place on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. in room 302.

Our latest activities:

  • Mat2tab – a national competition
  • Workshop on the basics of programming platform MINDSTORMS robots
  • Workshops connected with the national event “Girls for Science”
  • Preparations for participation in the competition PozRobot 2012
  • 3CityBot


Scientific Group “KOLOR”

The Institute of Mathematics

President: Sebastian Dremo

Supervisor of the Scientific Group:


The Scientific Circle “Kolor” is a student organisation acting at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the University of Gdańsk. We bring together the people who devote their free time to promotion and development of sciences (mostly mathematics and informatics) among school pupils and university students.

Moreover, the activities of the Scientific Circle “Kolor” include the organisation (in cooperation with the Microsoft company) of NET group meetings.


Scientific Group of Mathematicians at the University of Gdańsk

President: Leonard Sikorski

Supervisor of the Scientific Circle:

website: http://sigma.ug.edu.pl/~knm/

e-mail address of the Scientific Group: knmug@wp.pl


Objectives and tasks of the Scientific Circle of Mathematicians:

  1. Extending the members' knowledge within the area of mathematics and related fields.
  2. Enabling development of interests connected with specialisation of studies.
  3. Familiarising students with the opportunities offered by the University.
  4. Assistance in gaining access to the latest scientific achievements.
  5. Conducting individual or group scientific work. Realisation of projects compatible with the aims of the Circle.
  6. Cooperation with student organisation and scientific centres in the country and abroad.
  7. Undertaking commissioned work.
  8. Integration of student environment.
  9. Cooperation with school pupils.



Scientific Group "Kuźnia

President: Jacek Walaszek

Supervisor of the Scientific Group:

  • dr Maciej Dziemiańczuk

website: https://www.facebook.com/kuznia.co/

Activity: Kuźnia spreads knowledge in the field of good practices in programming and IT project management. Kuźnia realizes its tasks for example by organizing Ponad Program - recurring meetings with specialists from both academic and business environments and by organizing student teams that take part in programming competitions.



Physics Scientific Group

President: Agnieszka Kamińska

Supervisor of the Scientific Group:

Activity:  Student Scientific Group of Physicists (SGP) is an organization that has as its main objective the promotion of physics among school pupils. Therefore, the SGP is focused on preparing workshops, tournaments, and shows about physics. Another activity of the SGP is attendance at scientific conferences. This promotes the University of Gdańsk among students all over Poland and leads to cooperation with other universities. One of the new ideas for the activity of the SGP is making appliances that are suitable to show physical phenomena and can help to get the attention of the audience during physics shows.





Medical Physics Scientific Group "Siwert"